Down the Aisles 3: Ink stamper or potato?

    If you walk into my house you’re not gonna see many purple things. Truth is, I think purple is a picky color, even more so than pink. The wrong purple is tacky, the right purple rarely happens. But somehow all purple foods taste good (except eggplant). Purple cabbage, purple lettuce, beet, taro (mmm, taro ice cream), blueberry, purple spinach. Then I ran into purple potatoes at Lucky.

    I bet you can carve your initials and use it as a stamper. At first I thought they are some cross between normal potato and beet, with the beet’s juicy crunch apparent whatever way you slice. Turns out it’s a mutation that causes production of the antioxidant anthocyanin, giving it the ink-stain color. So it’s all potato.

    Mudpie the chef sliced them. Stir fry with salt, pepper, garlic powder, tarragon until golden.

    Good stuff.

    I couldn’t care less about sports, and the World Cup teams I root for aren’t wearing purple. But if you take a peek into my fridge, lotsa purple are there.

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