Feast at the House of Sbisa(*)

    This is it. My last day at TAMU, at least for a while.

    Also my last meal at Sbisa for a while. I’ve eaten here almost every Sunday and used to eat here every dinner my freshman year (I was naïve and got a meal plan then).

    They’ve raised the price since then too, so that if you don’t have a meal plan you have to pay about 25-30% more than those who do, but it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet, hence cheap for those with big appetite. With 8.25 you can make your own salad, make your own burger, wait in line for crepes, or do what I usually do: go straight to the main arrays of meats, veggie, rice, potato, rolls, etc. then head to the dessert and grab a cookie or two. Sbisa’s chocolate chip cookies are unrivaled.

    They usually have someone cutting barbecued brisket or ribs too, poor guy cuts and cuts, so many students always stand around waiting for him with hawk hungry eyes.

    The selection varies every day, but that’s a typical tray I get. You wouldn’t be able to tell, but I try to eat a balanced meal when I can. At least color-balanced: green broccoli and Brussel sprouts soaked with cheese, orangish yellow hush-puppies, red tomato, see? The fried chicken lady handed me 2 pieces when I asked for only 1. The rolls are usually good. It’s nice to make your own salad, I discovered that tomatoes and raisins make a good blend. On the tissue are pumpkin bread and some other bread (I want to say banana, but I’m not so sure). They’re ok. Sweet and mild, a tad gooey, not something I would seek for at a store, but not bad.

    Read their blog. I’ll miss the meat abundance here in Texas. Well, really the abundance of everything.

    (*): Sbisa, however, doesn’t have buffoons and drunken Germans as far as I’ve seen; some students who act like those, maybe.

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