Food and Film: 4 short animations with food

    Short films are the best, because sometimes I get cravings in the middle of the night and there are no restaurants open (I wish something opened between midnight and 5 am, a rice porridge stall or a noodle soup vendor would be nice).

    1. Omelette – by Madeline Sharafian. (Copyright CalArts Films)
    Simple and sweet.

    2. French Roast – (Oscar Nominated Animated Short 2010)
    It’s coffee, not really food, but still…

    3. Love Recipe – by Felipe Pizarro S. and Frédéric Bajou
    Glamourous and vibrant, also kinda meaningless.

    4. Taste of Nostalgia – by Raymond Lau (Aniboom Animation)
    I cried.

    Bonus: Crayon Dragon – by Toniko Pantoja (CalArts)
    Not food, but it’s so bittersweet.

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