Kim’s Sandwiches

    In one bite you taste a garden. Minty fresh coriander, crunchy pickled carrots, a load of soft white pickled onion, but most special of all is the aromatic burnt lemongrass. It makes the charcoaled pork here extra flavorful just as crushed peanuts make Huong Lan’s texturally delish. Microwaved, the pickled sweet onion and meat grease make the bread somewhat like a slice of steamed baguette dressed with chives and lard (bánh mì hấp mỡ hành). Thumbs up.

    Kim’s Sandwiches (in the Lion Supermarket area)
    1816 Tully Rd 182, San Jose, CA 95111
    (408) 270-8903

    The owner is supernice. More from this store later.

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