Houston, TX

    The Texas kolaches

    1. Hearsay Gastro Lounge – what to order: stuffed chicken breast
    2. kolaches
    3. Little Big – what to order: sliders
    4. Potatoe Patch – what to oder: hot rolls
    5. Ruggles Green – what to order: bread pudding

    1. Hot Pot City – what to order: hot pot (duh)
    2. Tây Đô restaurant – what to order: Don’t go here, it’s not that great.

    1. Antica Osteria (Italian) – what to order: garlic bread, black pepper pan-fried duck
    2. Feast (British) – what to order: NOTHING! This place is really NOT worth it.
    3. Cafe Du Bois (French) – what to order: yucca fries
    4. Cafe Rabelais (French) – what to order: ice cream profiteroles
    5. Phillipe’s Restaurant & Lounge (French) – what to order: garlic-butter escargot

    Korean fried chicken from Toreore, Houston

    1. Il Mi Jeong (Il Mi Jung) – what to order: bossam
    2. Korea Garden – what to order: grilled meat
    3. Korean Garden Grille [CLOSED]
    4. Myung Dong – what to order: haemul pa jeon (seafood pancake)
    5. Seoul House
    6. Super H Mart food court, including: Toreore, Daddy & Daughter, Sobahn Express (Bibijo), and Jumma
    7. Tofu Village – what to order: “nutrition rice”

    1. Kaneyama – what to order: saba shio
    2. Kata Robata – what to order: fois gras unagi, black sesame panna cotta
    3. Shabu House – what to order: shabu (hot pot) (what else?!)
    4. Tokyo One (buffet)

    1. Great Khan Mongolian Grill

    1. Istanbul Grill (Turkish cuisine) – what to order: iskender kebab

    South American (and I mean everything south of the border, which includes Cuba and Mexico)
    1. Artista (Nicaraguan cuisine)
    2. El Meson (Cuban) – what to order: crab cakes

    Appetizers from Saigon Buffet

    1. Nara Thai – what to order: anything with duck

    1. Alpha Bakery & Deli
    bánh xu xê (couple cookie)
    2. Bánh Canh Quê Anh & Quê Em
    3. Bánh Cuốn Hoa II – what to order: bun mang vit (duck and bamboo noodle soup)
    4. Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ 18 (old location: Hong Kong Market) – what to order: banh cuon (steamed rice roll with pork and mushroom filling)
    —- Interview with the owner at the new location near Kim Son
    5. Bánh Hỏi Châu Đốc – what to order: banh canh cua
    6. Bún Bò Huế Cố Đô – what to order: bun bo Hue (duh!)
    7. Giò Chả Đức Hương
    bánh dầy giò
    bánh giò
    bánh ít
    chả lụa
    chả chiên: chả heo chiên, chả gà, chả bò, chả cốm
    8. Hot Pot City – what to order: hot pot
    9. Quán Huế Hương Giang – what to order: bun suong

    Tet festival at Kim Son, Bellaire

    10. Kim Sơn restaurant (Bellaire) (buffet)
    chè trôi nước, chè bắp (sweet corn pudding)
    bánh canh and bún bò Huế
    canh chua cá (sour fish soup)
    11. Lee’s Sandwiches (Bellaire) – what to order:
    bánh mì ba chỉ pâté
    chè bột báng, chè đậu (tapioca and black eye pea puddings), chè khoai (taro pudding)
    12. Mai’s Restaurant
    13. Phở Danh – what to order: pho with a side of pickled onion
    14. Red Pier Restaurant and Bar – what to order: it’s pretty standard here, nothing stands out
    15. Rosemary Garden Bistro (Làng nướng Vườn Hồng) – what to order: stir-fried eel in coconut curry sauce
    16. Saigon Buffet [CLOSED]
    17. Tây Đô restaurant – what to order: NOTHING. It’s not that great.
    18. Thanh Đa Quán – what to order: claypot fish
    19. Thiên Phú – what to order: bò 7 món (7 courses of beef) and cá nướng da giòn (crunchy-skin grilled fish)
    20. Tinh Luat Vegetarian Buffet – what to order: sugarcane juice and the noodle soups
    21. T.P. Bánh Bao – what to order: banh bao (steamed dumpling)
    22. Tường Ký Fastfood – what to order: banh bia (Suzhou mooncake)

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    • Mary Bass

      My name is Chef Mary Bass. I am the executive chef at Haak Vineyards and Winery in Santa Fe, TX, south of Houston. We are extending an invitation to local food writers, bloggers and foodies with a pulse on the local cuisine to come out to one of our upcoming public events out that the winery. With the invitation we provide two tickets for you and a guest to the event, 2 meals of your choice from our Haak kitchen and a bottle of one of our signature house wines or pitcher of our homemade Sangria. In exchange we would love for you to write an article about your experience out at the winery. If available, we would introduce you to the owners and wine makers, give you a tour of the property and let you sample some of our signature Texas wines. We have several public events coming up you could join us at. I have included a list below. If this is something you would like to participate in, please email me at Chef@HaakWine.com to schedule a date. Thanks so much again for your time and consideration.

      Mary Bass
      409-925-1401 x106

      Upcoming Events:
      October 27th at 6 pm – Halloween Concert with Pee Wee Bowen
      November 1st at 6 pm – Wine and Stars
      November 16th from 11-6 pm – Madeira Food Truck, Art and Culinary Festival (no meals provided because the kitchen is closed to allow the trucks to sell)

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