San Francisco, CA


    House of Prime Ribs – what to order: prime ribs (duh!)
    Millbrae Pancake House (Millbrae) – what to order: Swedish pancake
    Nola (Palo Alto) – what to order: NOTHING! This place is not worth visiting.
    The Waterbar – what to order: BBQ baked oyster


    Garden Fresh (Mountain View) – what to order: chive pancakes and vegan “duck”
    Hai Ky Mi Gia – what to order: dried flat noodles with charsiu pork (contrary to popular media, you should NOT get the braised duck noodle soup)
    Hong Kong Lounge (dimsum) – what to order: baked pork bun, pan-fried turnip cake and salted meat porridge
    Koi Palace – what to order: coffee ribs, grilled shrimp and chive dumplings
    M.Y. China – what to order: niu ro mian
    Shanghai Dumpling King (dimsum) – what to order: steamed duck, xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumpling), zhi ma tang yuan (sesame dumpling)
    second visit


    Blue Danube Cafe (Palo Alto)
    Cafe Grillades (San Bruno) – what to order: mango crepe brulee
    Crêpes Café (Menlo Park) – what to order: savory crepe with chicken & creamy dijon sauce
    La Bohème (Burlingame) – what to order: duck confit stew
    Shokolaat (Palo Alto) – what to order: quail-stuffed brioche


    Izumiya – what to order: okonomiyaki
    Ramen Underground


    Namu – what to order: NOTHING. This place is not worth visiting.
    So Dong Gong Tofu House (Palo Alto) – what to order: bibimbap
    To Hyang – what to order: so gori chim (braised oxtail)


    Thanh Long – what to order: broiled mussel, roast crab
    Green Cafe (Milpitas)
    Bodega Bistro – what to order: bun cha gio cua (crab spring roll with rice noodle)
    Phở Vỉ Hoa (Menlo Park)


    Bangkok Noodles & Thai BBQ
    Cafe Renaissance (Palo Alto) – what to order: khoresh-e fesenjan (pomegranate chicken)
    Copenhagen Bar & Restaurant (Redwood City) – what to order: roasted pork loin
    Mango Caribbean (Palo Alto) – what to order: mango jerk chicken
    Zante Indian Pizza – what to order: kabulinan (nan bread with raisin and shredded coconut)

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