San Jose, CA


    New East Lake Seafood restaurant (Milpitas, dimsum) – what to order: duck tongue and mango pudding


    Orange Leaf (San Jose)


    Kunjib Restaurant (Santa Clara) – what to order: seolleong tang (beef bone soup)
    Secret Garden (Bi Won) (Santa Clara) – what to order: kalbi tang


    Bánh Cuốn Tây Hồ – what to order: banh cuon (steamed rice roll with pork and mushroom filling)
    — San Jose: before and after revamped.
    — Oakland (old)
    — Oakland (new management)
    Bánh mì Hương (San Jose) – what to order: the following items:
    — bánh mì thịt nướng (grilled pork sandwich)
    — bánh bột lọc (translucent banh)
    — bánh bao (steamed pork bun)
    Cao Nguyên (San Jose)
    CD Bakery & Deli (San Jose)
    — nước mía (sugarcane juice)
    Cơm Tấm Thiên Hương (San Jose) – what to order: com tam (broken rice)
    Danh’s Garden – what to order: grilled meats
    Eurasia Delight (San Jose)
    Green Cafe (Milpitas)
    Hương Lan Sandwiches 4 (Milpitas)
    — bánh mì gà nướng (grilled chicken banh mi)
    — bánh tét thịt (sticky rice log with meat and bean paste)
    Kim’s sandwiches (San Jose)
    Lemon Grass (San Jose)
    — first visit
    — second visit
    Phở Hà (San Jose) – what to order: bo kho (beef stew)
    Thảo Tiên (San Jose) – what to order: roasted quail
    — bánh tét chuối (bánh tét with banana filling)
    Vua Khô Bò & Ô Mai (San Jose)
    — banana chewy candy
    — cà na
    — ô mai

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