Lunch log

    Lunch today, at Pie Are Square:

    Yes, that was my lunch in its entirety (minus a bite).

    Name: I have no idea what kind of muffin it is, although it reminds me of Thanksgiving, with pecan, pumpkin color, and raisins, and some red thing I can’t make out.
    Pleasing to the eye: Hmm… Nice color, I’d say.
    Taste: First bite: not bad. Second bite: like Thanksgiving, October-November-ish, when all the leaves fall and, well, dry. See what I’m getting at? It tastes like sun-dried leaves. Now where did my water go?
    Filling: Yes. After I drank a lot of water.
    Satisfaction: Com’on, Pie Are Square, where did your good meals go?
    Price: $1.49.

    On the other hand, here’s lunch yesterday, at home. And made in home (by little mom, actually):

    Name: goi cuon (salad roll).
    Pleasing to the eye: what do you expect me to say?
    Taste: crunchy lettuce, tender chicken, firm shrimp, soft rice vermicelli, thin and moist rice paper. But really, the taste of a goi cuon comes from the dipping sauce in the little bowl. Meat sauce, in this case, flavoured with garlic, sugar, salt, and onion. Hard to explain, you just have to take a taste for youself. But no worries, you can’t find this sauce anywhere but my mom’s kitchen and my fridge. And you’ll have to step over my dead body to get this out of my fridge.

    Not the best shot, but try to take a picture with one hand that isn’t your right hand, when the button is on the right hand side of the camera. Bon appetit!

    Is it filling? What do you think?
    Satisfaction: Hold on, let me lick my fingers… Ok… Hey, I’m trying to be objective here, please don’t make it any harder.
    Price: being a good and obedient child.

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    • Mudpie

      Perhaps some readers, myself included, might want to know how one makes a sauce like that. I hear it goes well with many dishes, especially pork chops. 😀

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