New addition to Flavor Boulevard: Meet Kristen

    Kristen Sun

    Kristen Sun

    This is Kristen Sun, food blogger, researcher in comparative ethnic studies, and my partner in crime in a lot of fooding activities, including eating, kimchi-ing, and talking about food.

    We tell people that we met in Korean class, which is true, but I believe the deciding moment was when she posted on Facebook that she went to Commis. We hadn’t talked much before then because we didn’t even sit near each other in class, but I felt compelled to ask her what she thought of the restaurant. She replied with a thorough, professional and perceptive analysis of the food, the service, the presentation, and how overall it didn’t live up to her expectation. That’s when I knew we’d become best friends. 🙂

    Kristen’s expertise in food? You’ll find out soon when you read her posts. We focus on slightly different areas, but overall Kristen and I share not only similar taste in food and similar opinions on food culture, but also a tenacity to read and write about food (actually she’s even more dedicated than me). That’s why I have invited her onboard Flavor Boulevard, although she started her own food blog not too long ago, because, you know, a one-person blog is like a one-person home, a two-person blog has “love”. 😉 (Okay that sounds cheesy…)

    Seriously, though, what we want to do with our food writing has evolved into something a little bit more than just foods, and this journey is best to do with friends.

    So, my dear friends who have supported me until now, THANK YOU for all of your support, it means so much to us, and please welcome Kristen to Flavor Boulevard, and watch out for her sharp critique in the near future!! 😉

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