After all I happen to stay in school longer than the average person, and if all goes well I will die a member of some academic body, so I figured school cafeterias might as well be another source of food and blabbing inspiration. Previously I blogged about the dining facility at Texas A&M, here comes Nexus at Stanford, where I ate last August. The price of course has changed with the economy, but hopefully the taste remains the same.
    Nexus has a few different sections of food, the menu also changes weekly it seems, but the Texan in me often has no difficulty picking out lunch – to the grill I went.

    The sign said it all. Burger with blue cheese and sauteed balsamic onion, and the food came out exactly that, with some lettuce, tomato, pickle, and more onion. I really had some doubt about the blue cheese, its presence neither enhanced nor diminish the taste of a good beef patty, its lack of texture didn’t make the burger any more or less juicy. It was a third wheel, unnoticed. The burger was good.

    But the more memorable thing I had there was the grilled artichoke. Nexus has a good deal of vegetable choices for salads (with extra cost, though). The grilled artichoke (bottom left of the plate) tastes a bit nutty, unexpectedly munchilicious! Grilled (or baked?) sweet potato follows suit with a sweet little chewiness worth forfeiting all cookies in the world. To my regret I only took a sample of each, since you couldn’t go back for second after you pay. Ah, it’s not Sbisa here, it’s California.

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