Old books

    Some people like to be scared, some like to sunbathe, some others enjoy getting up early. Morning persons, they say. One of the kids at New Student Conference today chooses to have 8 am classes all 5 days of the week, except one of them, a running class, starts at 7. He assured me he’s a morning person; now I’ve heard that before, and I’ll be eager to hear what he’ll say at the end of the semester. There’s just something about being in academia. After a while you can’t go to bed when you should/want to, and can’t stay up when you should/want to either. I digress…

    So, yeah, everyone has something they enjoy doing. Something that makes them breathe in a refreshing thought, something that gives them the chill and the comfort at the same time. Well, I don’t know if I should quite breathe in physically while I’m at it, but I like to sit between the high book shelves of a library. Dusty you may say. The smell of old paper longing to be touched since decades ago.

    I feel surrounded by knowledge, hoping it would just dissipate into the vacuum me, and I could then walk around with 100lbs of letters in my head, and play scrabble. Luckily it doesn’t happen that way, or I’d be obese. Old texts have a charm. Looky that arrow, Cupid left it there for silly students who enjoy hiding in the dark alley between two rows of old books, wondering how they can understand any of this in less than 3 weeks.

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