Tricitronnade (salted lime orange lemonade)


    Tips on bánh bèo
    Bánh dầy đậu (Vietnamese mung bean mochi)
    Bánh đa cuốn thịt (Rice cracker roll with pork)
    Bò bíp-tết (Vietnamese steak)
    Khổ qua xào trứng (stir-fried bitter melon with eggs)
    Noodle and noodle soup:
    Bún bung (a kind of noodle soup, no adequate translation)
    Bún xêu (stir fried rice vermicelli with celery)
    Jokbal mul naengmyeon (cold buckwheat noodle soup with pig trotter)
    Osaka okonomiyaki (Japanese cabbage pancake)
    Peach recipes:
    Peach sauce with pasta or gnocchi
    Peach and tofu gyoza
    Peach with Korean cold buckwheat noodle
    Beef porridge
    Mung bean porridge
    Chả lụa kimbab (silk sausage kimbab)
    Cơm âm phủ trà đen (black tea rice)
    Garlic scrambled egg on rice
    Rice paper kimchi roll
    Stuffed tofu in tomato sauce
    Vegan curry
    White napa cabbage kimchi in 8 stepsIngredients
    Kimchi cabbage salad


    Avocado pie (with non-baked nut crust)
    Bánh bía (Vietnamese-adapted Suzhou mooncake)
    Bánh ú tro (Vietnamese adapted jianshui zong – ash dumpling)
    Bánh chuối nướng (banana bread pudding)
    Chè (Vietnamese dessert pudding):
    Chè chuối chưng (banana tapioca pudding)
    Lychee mung bean chè
    Ice cream and potato chips
    Mứt cam (candied orange peel with pulp)

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