The spiciest soup I’ve ever eaten

    A while ago, I was fairly convinced that of all the different types of spiciness, I can handle the Korean spiciness. Take kimchi for instance, it usually looks scarier than it tastes, and the scorching can be quickly washed away with corn tea. Not an eye was bat when I saw the garnet broth of Il Me Jeong‘s specialty. It’s just loads of shredded beef, sesame leaf, glass noodle, green onions, etc., in a thin soup. Then tears rained down.

    No more yuk gae jang (육개장) for Mai. Ever.

    Il Mi Jeong has good unagi don and bossam though. 😉 Go for those instead.

    Address: Il Mi Jeong (or Il Mi Jung)
    10017 Long Point Road
    Houston, TX 77055
    (713) 827-8808

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