Bánh bèo (water fern banh)
    — from Bánh Hỏi Châu Đốc
    — from Bánh Cuốn Hoa II
    Tôm chiên cốm (deep-fried shrimp coated with green rice), gỏi xoài (mango salad) from Lemon Grass
    Nem cua (fried crab spring roll) from Bodega Bistro (San Francisco)
    Gỏi sứa tôm thịt (jellyfish salad with shrimp and pork) from Red Pier (Houston)
    Gỏi mít trộn hến (young jackfruit salad with basket clam) and bánh ít ram (fried mochi) from Hương Giang (Houston)

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