What do I do at night?

    This is what I’ll be up against in the next 4 weeks, plus two other papers that are still snuggling cozily in the library.

    If you squint you can see that the text ist auf Deutsch. I deserve it, for bragging with my research advisor that I can read German.
    But no worries, we have good companions for late nights.

    Liquorice roots are good substitutes for chewing gums. Its name in Chinese means sweet grass, not at all sugary but the genteel herbal sweetness lingers on your epiglottis for a few hours after. Definitely not for the dentures, but it’s a healthy chew. And why is that little cookie sticking its tongue out to me?

    Update: the little chocolate chap was the last to go to snack heaven, but as I’m typing this I can still taste liquorice at the back of my tongue!

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