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    Isn’t there always some restaurant that you pass by a thousand times, think about trying it every of those thousand times, and just never do? For me, that restaurant is Bistro Liaison. Its rustic red awning shines brightly at the corner of Shattuck and Hearst, draws my attention enough to remember that from there I’ve sampled a cup of quenelle souffle – salmon and scallop mousse in a shrimp sauce (think clam chowder but fishier and cheesier, and surprisingly good!) – almost three years ago during a North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto event. But the timing was just never right for an all-out dinner, until a few weeks ago.

    We walked in without reservation, half worried that there wouldn’t be a table for us, and half worried that there would be a table for us, which might imply that the restaurant wasn’t good enough to fill up on a Friday night. But we were a party of two, perfect to squeeze in a table at the end of the room. When the hostess at the front desk offered to take my friend’s coat, we began feeling the warmth of old-fashioned restaurant service. And it only got warmer[…]

    Read the rest of the review here. Starting from this post, I’ve joined the staff at the Daily Californian. Some of my posts are still in the editing tube. My editor seems easy-going at first but no sloppy writing goes unnoticed. He keeps things quite professional. And my new food-loving friends are so much more knowledgeable than me in the food news area. I hope to learn a lot (^.^)

    A short note on Bistro Liaison that I didn’t include in my Daily Cal post: so I liked their seared pork loin a lot, and I emailed them to ask about it in details (what’s in the sauce, what’s the mini pasta thing, etc.). They NEVER replied! Such is the treatment you get when you’re just a blogger. I’m slightly, very slightly, vexed.

    Address: Bistro Liaison
    1849 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA
    (510) 849-2155

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