Breakfast at the Guenther House

    San Antonio sleeps in on Sunday. It may be the seventh largest city in the States but it acts like either a college student or an old man who can’t sleep at night and frequently doses off in the day: Saturday night – cars, tourists and horse carriages packed Houston, Commerce and the streets about, Sunday morning – there may be 50 cars on the freeway and 3 people wandering downtown: us. The plus side for walking the pavements at 6 am is you can pose for pictures without being embarrassed about acting like a tourist. The downside is the restaurants aren’t opened, actually, they remain closed for the rest of the day.

    Just when we thought about settling for the hotel breakfast, the internet came to rescue: the Guenther House in Arsenal, an 1860 old-house-turned-museum with a late Victorian styled parlor, German-imported porcelain and a terrace looking out to the river, serves breakfast all day.

    The pancakes are fluffy. The white gravy is thick like melted cheese. The pineapples and oranges are sweet.

    But the best of all was the so-called Southern Sweet Cream Waffle. I’m a pancake gobbler but in this pancake vs. waffle match, the crispy, airy waffle with subtly sweet dough and syrup-filled pockets won hands down.

    A red head exercising down the river, across the street from the Guenther House

    They sell the waffle mix upstairs the Guenther House for $6.50 per 15 oz. We cleansed our palates with a perfumed-cool, lingering sip of raspberry sage ice tea and filled our lungs with the river breeze as we prepared to drive back to Houston. Another town has been added to our list of retirement havens.
    For a mini tour of the villa, click on Mr. Red Head’s beak.

    Address: The Guenther House
    205 East Guenther
    San Antonio, TX 78204
    (210) 227-1061

    Country-styled breakfast for three: $25.63

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    2 comments to Breakfast at the Guenther House

    • Hi Mai! That breakfast is making my morning Kellogg’s look like bread crumbs. I’m a huge brunch person, too. Especially a large stack of blueberry pancakes. Yum! Looking forward to reading more of your food adventures.

    • Mai

      Hi Pauline! Thank you for visiting my blog! Ooh blueberry pancakes are yummyyyy!!! Normally I just have Rice Krispy and soy milk for breakfast, though. :)) I wish I could have pancakes everyday!

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