Taiwan Restaurant – what to order: pickled cabbage soup with tripe
    UCafe (bakery) – what to order: avocado smoothie! UPDATE: this place is closed. 🙁


    Delicious Food Company – what to order: mini apple pie in foil cupcake cup
    Sum Yee Pastry
    Szechwan Restaurant – what to order: zha chai rou si mein (pickle and pork noodle soup)


    Hai Ky Mi Gia – what to order: dried flat noodles with charsiu pork (contrary to popular media, you should NOT get the braised duck noodle soup)
    Hong Kong Lounge (dimsum) – what to order: baked pork bun, pan-fried turnip cake and salted meat porridge
    Koi Palace – what to order: coffee ribs, grilled shrimp and chive dumplings
    M.Y. China – what to order: niu ro mian
    Shanghai Dumpling King (dimsum) – what to order: steamed duck, xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumpling), zhi ma tang yuan (sesame dumpling)

    second visit

    Other cities in California

    99 Ranch Market’s Bakery (Richmond)
    China Village (Albany) – what to order: pork shoulder
    Renee’s Place (Albany) – what to order: NOTHING!
    Sheng Kee Bakery (Richmond)
    New East Lake Seafood restaurant (Milpitas) (dimsum) – what to order: duck tongue and mango pudding
    Garden Fresh (Mountain View) – what to order: chive pancakes and vegan “duck”


    Hot Pot City – what to order: hot pot (duh)
    Tây Đô restaurant – what to order: Don’t go here, it’s not that great.

    Other cities in Texas

    Ichiban Hibachi & Sushi (Port Arthur) – Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Indonesian – what to order: sushi rolls
    Pacific Rim (Amarillo) – Chinese, Asian Fusion – what to order: Hawaiian luau chicken salad

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