Down the Aisles -1: Endangered species chocolate

    Follow up on my previous chocolate review, this time in a much better mood as I’ve settled at the new school. New city, getting further behind in blogging.

    Deep forest mint: dark with mint (72%): what do you expect, well… it’s like eating your toothpaste, only more unyielding. It’s not bad, but a little sweetness would be nice. You know how you picture a humid, colorful setting damped with flavors and warmth when you hear “deep forest”? This chocolate doesn’t taste at all tropical. It’s cold, harsh, dry, it flushes your sinus with strength. I prefer mint chocolate ice cream. I shouldn’t score this one.

    Wolf: dark with cranberries and almonds: crunchy, crunchy, little bar, almond, chocolate, there you are… no trace of cranberries though. What else is there? Have I lost taste for dark chocolate? Perhaps. It is 70% in any meaning you can think of. Pass.

    Sea otter: smooth milk (48%): little sweet treat. My new favorite. 48% seems to be the best medium, not too bitter, not too sugary, not too hard, not too soft. I can eat it all day long. What is it like? Sleeping in on a rainy day – you just keep wanting more. 9/10.

    Grizzly bear: dark with raspberries (70%): it’s really not that that much different from the wolf, if you forget about almonds for a moment. Good for passing time. 7/10.

    Bat: I didn’t know that bat was among the endangered species. Anyways, the bat tastes like the grizzly bear, 70% is 70% everywhere, regardless of species. Points? 7/10 (surprise!)

    For 2.79 I can either get an animal or 3 bars of IKEA chocolate with 30 cents left over, which taste (and sound) delicious. The animal bars will make you feel like you’ve done something good for the world. IKEA choklad will make you feel like you’ve done something good for yourself. Take your pick.

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    4 comments to Down the Aisles -1: Endangered species chocolate

    • Paul

      The IKEA dark chocolate is the best! I've had them all, and there's no contest.

    • Endangered Species Chocolate

      Hey there! Thanks for your review on our chocolate. I'm sorry to read that you didn't enjoy the "Rainforest" and the "Wolf." We have been working on our inclusions, and they have improved tremendously! I also noticed that you have pictures of the horizontal wrappers, which indicates that they are not new, since we transitioned to vertical wrapped bars this January. Maybe you should try more of our vertical wrapped bars and give us a second chance! 😉

      Savor Chocolate. Save Our Planet.

    • Ubercmuc

      Hi Amanda! Thank you for visiting my blog. I sure will try more ESC bars, my goal is to have a collection of all the animals.

    • Endangered Species Chocolate

      I'm glad to hear that you'll try more of our bars. Which bars have you not tried yet?

      Savor Chocolate. Save Our Planet.

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