Down the Aisles 9: Green Tea Soymilk

    Brunch: WestSoy vanilla soymilk
    Dinner: Pearl green tea soymilk

    When my green tea soymilk got scanned at the cashier, there were two reactions from the cashier girls: “Wow, this sounds awesome! I’ve never heard of it before!” and “I don’t know… it sounds a little weird to me”. Call me a Berkeley-induced hippie if you want (although I’d like to say I’m as far from being a hippie as Japan is from Berkeley), but I side with the first reaction, cuz I like green tea ice cream and I like soymilk. Now I’m addicted to this thing.

    Sweet and smooth with a light-hearted, herbal accent. I finally understand why the Brits add milk to tea. In this case, it’s adding tea to milk. The mix rivals my most favorite drink number: mung bean milk.

    It’s great alone. It’s an elegant partner to a mini chocolate rugelach or a kuri manju, a sweet chesnut-shaped bun with white bean paste).

    The budget:
    1 Quart Pearl Organic Green Tea Soymilk carton – $2.85
    Package of 4 Kuri Manju – $4.95
    Package of 14 Green’s Chocolate Rugelach – $7.99
    … all from the Berkeley Bowl

    More green drinks: mung bean milk and pennywort juice

    DISCLAIMER: I received no free product or monetary gift in exchange for this review.

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