Eat Real Festival – 6-sentence Recap

    1. The kimchi I made with Kristen won First Place in the Kimchi category of the Puttin’ It Up contest. (Yes, the Korean fingers in the picture were intentional. No, that’s Sinto kimchi, not ours in the picture, but we didn’t get back our kimchi at the time this picture was taken.)

    2. Via friend’s introduction (고마워요, 유경 언니 :-)), I ended up as a helper for Hyunjoo Albrecht at her Sinto Gourmet kimchi table on Saturday and Sunday.

    3. Saturday was crazy, no spare second between chopsticking kimchi into sample cups for the festival visitors from 11 am to 6 pm.
    4. Sunday was a bit more relaxing but we still sold out the big jars of kkakdugi (spicy radish kimchi) and the small jars of spicy pickled cucumber.

    5. Thanks to Hyunjoo’s husband who got food for us while we stood our ground behind the table, I got to try from the other vendors: shoyu ramen from Youki, kalbi with steamed rice from Seoul on Wheels, Brown Cow vanilla yogurt, rose chai from The Chai Cart, and some pretty good mac ‘n cheese followed by a couple of dimsum dumplings.

    6. Hyunjoo’s kimchi is delicious.

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