Eat to your cart’s content

    This Saturday August 21 (11am-7pm) there’s some massive fun street food fest going on in the Mission District, next to Garfield Square, San Francisco. I counted 52 “vendors” for the chow, which spans all five continents (well, not including Australia, and Europe and Asia are two) and covers the menu from appetizers to desserts.

    The majority power seems to split between los cocineros of Hispanic descent from the Southern hemisphere and the culinarians of the Far East. Colorful dapples here and there are West African (Purple Hibiscus of Nigerian American chef Chukuduwebe), classic Southern comfort (Zella’s Soulful Kitchen of chef Dionne Knox), hot dogs (Let’s Be Frank) and waffle sandwiches (Brass Knuckle), just to name a few.

    Tasty. I can’t go, due to graduate school difficulties. (Why is it one day only?) Which is why I will make it to the Oakland’s Eat Real Festival (ERF) the weekend after against all odds. Mark my words.

    Thankfully ERF is 3 days long, Aug 27-29, at Jack London Square. And there are way over 52 “vendors” this time, some also participate in La Cocina’s SF Street Food Fest. Maybe I’ll try the Kung Fu Taco Truck, not that I’m crazy about tacos or anything (quite the opposite).

    Not street food related, Walnut Creek sees its first annual culinary tasting event, Savor Walnut Creek, this September 2nd from 7pm to 11pm.  Admission ticket is $25 with 2 tasting tickets included, then each participating restaurant will provide $4 and $8 menu options for additional ticket purchase. Tempting, but it’s a week night.

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