Giò Chả Đức Hương – sausage and so much more

    Given how often my family comes here, I feel obliged to give this store a proper post. About every other week or so, my parents make the hour-long drive to get a loaf or two of cha lua (silk sausage) and maybe a few Vietnamese between-a-snack-and-a-meal goodies. The affable owner lady knows our usual grabs, and we know her trustworthy provision. Whether it’s wrapped in banana leaves, aluminum foil, or cling wrap, Giò Chả Đức Hương has the best of its kind in Bellaire.

    The shelves of nem (fermented pounded pork sausage), bánh tét (sticky rice log), and bánh ít (sticky rice pyramid). These small bánh tét are sold all year round, they are only about 4 inches long, usually with vegan filling (mung bean paste or banana). They make an appropriate snack for a teenager, but usually a little too much for me. Unwrapped below, left-right-down: bánh giòbánh ít – bánh tét:


    Bánh giò always reside on the front counter, next to loads of chả (sausages). There are chả chiên (fried), chả lụa (lean pork), chả Huế (spicy), chả bò (beef), chả gà nấm hương (chicken and shiitake), and boxes of chà bông (also known as  ruốc in the North, pork floss in English, and similar to rousong in Chinese).

    A few more pictures of bánh tét just to do partial justice of how many kinds they have there:

    banh tet 4
    Black bean mixed with sticky rice, disrupting the usual smooth glutinous texture by nutty bites.

    Sticky rice mixed with pandan leaf extract for flavor and color. A sweet touch.

    Plain white sticky rice, usual fatty pork and mung bean paste filling. The classic.

    100_1292Address: Đức Hương Giò Chả in Bellaire, Houston
    11369 Bellaire Blvd, Ste 950
    Houston, TX 77072
    (near the Vietnam War Memorial)
    (281) 988-6155

    This sausage store sets their price a knuckle higher than the Asian markets, but the care, the freshness, and the family touch are unbeatable.

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