Ice cream friendly

    Aside from opening a little bit late on Sunday (11:30 am), the Tokyo One at Westchase is a lovely place. Three things that I have now associated with Tokyo One, although I probably shouldn’t, since they kinda belong to the ukiyo (floating world) more than to the permanents:
    1. A beautiful peach-colored water lily in the mini pond creek artificial water thing surrounding the building
    2. Perfect silky chawanmushi (pictured)
    3. The gentle (the gentlest I’ve ever heard) but persistent recommendation of Sean, our server, for ice cream. We were full to the brim, but I gave in after he asked us for the second time if we would like some ice cream (as if I could ever turn down icecream 8)). I’m happy that he insisted, the plum ice cream with plum bits was great, and green tea ice cream is always good. We finished two scoops, Sean came back and asked if we’d like some more. Honest to goodness, I wanted to say yes.

    Address: Tokyo One at Westchase
    2938 W Sam Houston Pkwy South
    Houston, TX 77042
    (713) 785-8899
    Buffet lunch for three: $51.93
    Ah, food-wise? Good tempura, good gyoza, good fish, good rice, etc.

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