Lunar August 15

    Yesterday Yookyung and I made songpyeon (송편), japchae, bindaetteok (mung bean pancake), dotorimuk (도토리묵 acorn jelly) and 5 kinds of jeon (battered fried vegetables and seafood in this case). Actually, Yookyung prepared everything, I was just making a few bad looking songpyeon and flipping some jeon in the skillet, but I felt so Dae Jang Geum. 😛 What did I contribute to the festive dinner? Four baked red bean mooncake. Yookyung liked them. 🙂

    Then in my Korean class this morning, Chang seonsengnim gave each of us two songpyeon, smaller than our homemade version but prettier, one filled with sweetened sesame seed and the other with mung bean paste. Life’s good.

    Songpyeon is kinda like bánh dẻo (literally, “chewy cake”) bánh ít trần in Vietnam, steamed, chewy, and a tad sticky, but because they’re so much smaller than bánh dẻo bánh ít, they don’t get repetitive and overdosing as quickly. They’re also not as dense as the baked mooncakes. They’re cute.
    Happy Chuseok! Happy Trung Thu! 🙂

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    2 comments to Lunar August 15

    • Bob

      Wow, those are pretty colorful, they look sort of like potstickers, or maybe pierogi. Not caramelized though. It is interesting how just about every cuisine has a stuffed fried dumpling.

    • Mai

      Yeah, these are steamed, and has sweet filling. We (I) made them in crescent shape like this but the ones at the store are more like pointy mini footballs. 😀

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