Mom’s cooking

    Pork meat ball with tomato sauce (seasoned with sugar, salt, garlic, and onion), thin omelet (just egg and green onion), and marinated cha lua, on French bread.

    Pork chop, marinated with salt, sugar, onion, and garlic. Very simple. To the left is xoi dau xanh (mung bean xoi), and canned green beans (OK, I added the green beans).

    Pork chop sandwich. Same pork chop as above.

    Catfish fried with the usual sugar-salt-garlic-onion and lemon grass. Mixed with white rice for serving.

    Pasta and rotisserie chicken (dark meat).

    Pork-stuffed potato and cucumber, in tomato sauce (No garlic and onion this time, I believe, albeit I’m no Remy).

    So, what’s for dessert? Dua nuoc (literally “water coconut”, scientifically Nypa Fruticanswhy the ‘s‘ at the end?). Somewhat similar to water chesnut, if I have to make a comparison.

    Happy weekend!

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