New East Lake of Milpitas

    I’ll keep it short and sweet: it’s dim sum today. I gave up on microwaving the frozen potstickers that never get cooked in a microwave, and we set out for some steamy bamboo baskets, the real stuff.

    It was prime lunch time. I was hungry like a grasshopper when we went to New East Lake last weekend, and looking around at the other tables covered with plates didn’t help much. Thank goodness the kitchen didn’t let any cooking smoke escape to the dining area.

    The wait was of course shorter than it seemed. After I snapped a few pictures around, our first three baskets arrived.

    Pork siumai. Mudpie’s comment: “taste like omelet” (?!). Mai’s evaluation: juicy ground pork, well-seasoned, warm. 8/10

    Shanghai pork dumpling. Mudpie’s comment: “Be careful, it has hot soup in it”. Mai’s experience: there’s no soup, just a little bit of juice from the meat. Warm. 8/10

    Shrimp dumpling. Mudpie: no comment, just eat. Mai: not sure if ground up shrimp would enhance the texture better, but this whole shrimp filling is good. Warm. 8/10

    Then they started storming the table.

    Chaozhou dumpling. Mudpie: “hmm… urgh”. Mai’s thoughts: the thick, wet, chewy coating doesn’t match the crunchy pork-and-peanut innard very well. Not warm enough. 4/10

    Shiitake mushroom stuffed with shrimp. The whole thing is bathed in sweet thick soy sauce. Hot and juicy. 7.5/10

    Duck tongue and jelly fish. Each duck tongue, probably from a roasted duck, is about 2-digit long, as wide as a pinky finger, basically crunchy skin with a bone base at one end. Toothsome, but a bit tedious to eat. You grab the end bone and use your teeth to pull off the edible part in one swift jerk. Mudpie’s reaction: *eyebrow raised* “they’re all yours.” Fine by Mai. 8.5/10

    Jelly fish are sliced up into translucent strips, flavorless, crunchy like cabbage. Cold. 5/10

    Chicken and bitter melon chee cheong fun (rice roll). This is a thicker, stouter, filling-er version of Vietnamese banh cuon. Mudpie’s comment: “It’s guuud… but the bitter melon is too bitter.” Mai’s comment: the bitter melon is fine, what gets on my tasting nerve is the thickness of the rice sheet. 6.5/10

    Shanghai fried mantou with condensed milk. I don’t think we ordered this one, but the waitress insisted that we did, so be it. Mudpie is keen on the milk’s sticky sweetness. Mai’s take: kinda like a dense donut, the dough could use a little more yeast. 5/10

    Mango pudding, topped with condensed milk. Notice the yin-yang decor. Smooth, fresh, ice-creamy. Unanimous: 10/10

    Why is dessert always the best?

    Address: New East Lake Seafood restaurant
    (across the parking lot from Huong Lan Sandwiches #4)
    61 Serra Way Suite 120
    Milpitas, CA 95035
    (408) 263-9388

    I’d say this is satisfactory dimsum with affordable price, because the bill totalled up a mere $32.23, and there was more than enough food for two. Final score: 7.05/10

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