One Bite: Tteok bokki at Crunch

    Thick sweet & spicy sauce. Soft chewy sticks of sticky rice. This is one heckuva tteok bokki. I can see myself going here for a tteok bokki takeout on movie weekends, and it’s only $7.

    Address: Crunch
    2144 Center St
    Berkeley, CA 94704
    (Downtown Berkeley)
    (510) 704-1101

    This place used to be a sushi joint. I ate there once. I’m glad it has changed into something much better.
    Also, Crunch gave me a humongous plate of kimchi pork fried rice that was just three spoons above my limit and not enough to take home. What should I do? Cut down or increase my limit?

    Beef bibimbap ($8)- julienned cucumber, carrots, bean sprouts, egg, lettuce and sauteed beef to be mixed with rice

    Kimchi fried rice with pork ($8).

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