one shot: Roasted duck pad thai at Nara Thai

    Juicy, tender duck packed with sweet-savory marinade, you know, the typical red roasted duck that you see hanging by the neck at cleanliness-questionable Chinese eateries in Chinatown. But in this case, we don’t see the hanging ducks, the restaurant is Thai, and at least from where we’re sitting, everything looks clean(*).

    The noodle, too, is flavorful. The same sweet-savory vibe. Chewy and not soaking wet.

    I was doing well until the last maybe 3-4 bites and I could feel the part under my diaphragm harden, like a water balloon. I can’t ask for a box for 3-4 bites, so I stuffed it in. To the very last noodle.

    The nice thing about this restaurant: you can get roasted duck (or mock duck, which is made with seitan) with pretty much every dish. So my friend asked for Veggie Delight with roasted duck. I asked her if it was delightful, she said yes. 🙂

    Address: Nara Thai Dining
    18445 W Lake Houston Pkwy
    Humble, TX 77346
    (281) 812-0291

    (*) The restroom is also clean and flavorful. Raspberry air freshener with black-raspberry-and-vanilla hand soap. As soon as we walked in, we could smell the overflowing raspberry. However, the floor of the hallway leading to the restroom is sticky, so I guess they only keep it clean where it matters?

    Vegetable delight, with roasted duck

    Veggie Delight with roasted duck – $14.95

    Tofu fried rice

    Tofu fried rice – $8.95

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