Pie Are Square

In an attempt to minimize contact with the fire pouring sun yesterday, ubercmuc opted for going to lunch at Pie Are Square, across the street from the physics building. It’s not a popular place in the summer. At 11 I could see less than 20 customers sitting in the dining area. Maybe that’s why the choice of food is skim as well. I could choose a sandwich from Pickles Deli, or Mexican food from Olla Roja, but I’ve always gone for Lucky 8 Chinese. Lucky 8 Chinese yesterday, however, didn’t have Chinese. The only dish it offered was spaghetti & meatball. Oh well, noodles are noodles.

Nice lid for the to-go plate. Much better than polysterene box.

I had to eat my dessert first because as I was busy taking picture it started to melt and become lop-sided. A white blob dripped on my white pants and gradually changed to an earthy brown dot. Argh.
The guy fixing my spaghetti let us put parmesan cheese on for ourselves. Normally I don’t put cheese on my spaghetti, but I don’t know why I complied yesterday.

The texture after adding cheese reminds me of jajang myeon I had at Jin’s Cafe. The whole bundle was sour and salty (because of the parmesan), yet rather bland. Did they just use the tomato sauce straight from the can without seasoning it? Soft, tender, juicy meatball, though. And a good grilled-cheese-without-cheese, that made me so thirsty.
The whole set cost me $7.45. I ate about $4.45 of that. It’s filling, but not satisfying. Pie Are Square had done better.

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  • Anonymous

    Ubercmuc: you need a SLR for better photo quality 😀 :p
    spaghetti hix…I had it everyday when I was in Maidenhead :(.I really had enough of it.But I’m sure I can cook better than what in your photo 😀

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