Seven flavors of mochi ice cream

    One very cold Saturday afternoon in Oakland.

    Darren: Normally I don’t like fruit flavored stuff, like watermelon candies you know?
    Mai: Yeah, like cherry candies…
    Darren: But this mango ice cream is really good!
    Mai: It is! I like the green tea the most though, it’s so refreshing. What about you, Kristen?
    Kristen: I usually don’t like strawberry flavors, but this strawberry one is so good…

    Good thing we each had a different favorite.

    When the girl took up our empty sushi plates and asked if we wanted dessert, we were already stuffed, which is a given every time Kristen and I go out together. But we asked the girl what’s on anyway, and she listed, if I remember correctly in my post-food stupor, “tempura ice cream, green tea ice cream, red bean ice cream, green tea cheesecake, seven flavors of mochi ice cream, which includes mango, vanilla, strawberry, green tea, red bean, coffee and chocolate”. We looked at each other for two seconds then at her.

    – Can we have the seven flavors, please?
    – You want all seven?!
    *Looks exchanged*
    – Uh… it’s not a thing of seven mochis?
    – Well we can make a platter of that too. You want that?
    – Yes please. *sheepish grin*

    Never turn down ice cream.

    Zero complaints on the tempura and the rolls too, they’re Americanized of course and we didn’t do any nigiri nor any of us Japanese. But if you’re American, happen to be near the intersection of Piedmont and Echo in Oakland while hungry for sushi, Shimizu is a sure bet.

    Address: Shimizu Japanese Cuisine
    4290 Piedmont Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94611
    (510) 653-7672

    Volcano Scallop ($7.95) – Battered and deep fried scallops with sweet soy sauce

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