Square One Bistro

    On her road trip from Boulder, CO to Miami, FL, my friend Aimee and her friend Sunny were kind enough to swing by little College Station to visit me today. 🙂 It’s embarrassing being the hostess and all as I told them the wrong thing to look for when we were trying to find Square One Bistro in Bryan. I told them it’s a red brick building, but it was white. But, I have my excuses. The place was standing next to a red brick building, and has no visible sign. I mean it has a sign on the door, about the size of a DVD case, and visible from like 4 feet away from the door. There has been not one occasion that my companies and I didn’t have to drive around the block a few times to find it, granted today was the 3rd or 4th time I’ve eaten there. Square One plays hide-n-seek with me.

    The food is definitely worth it, though. Aimee and Sunny enjoyed it (I hope they weren’t just being nice), and finished everything. The three of us got Chipotle Beef Pasta, Cranberry Turkey sandwich, Penne Florentine, and 3 desserts. We were too busy chatting to take pictures, but here’s my leftover:

    Certainly my polysterene display doesn’t look as attractive as the restaurant’s warm and inviting creation, but tastes just as good. “Prosciutto ham sauteed with fresh mushrooms and spinach. Tossed in penne pasta and topped with parmesan cheese.” More on the menu. This is a nice escape from the usual pool of cheese or tomato sauce (or both) of Italian dishes. Good garlic bread to munch on while waiting, and generous portions of dessert, especially the chocolate bundt cake with vanilla ice cream. I’m bloated.

    Everything on the lunch menu was less than $8. Entrees are only served after 5 pm.
    The whole event was wonderful, except for yet another embarrassing moment of mine, when I choked on a piece of cheese and coughed, and coughed, for 5 minutes. One of the hostesses came over to ask if I was ok, and I managed to stop coughing to answer her. 🙂

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