Steak Search 3 – Prime Spot

    Saturday. The usual question comes up: what’s for dinner? It’s been well over three weeks since I last “slashed down a cow” (to quote Makiawa), so I feel just to insist on a chunky slab of red meat. The next question is where. Yelp’s list of steakhouse in Berkeley has six suggestions, but Hana Japan Steakhouse is not really a “steak house” with only two things of beef amidst a ton of chicken and seafood. Kincaid’s? Well, we’ll wait for an occasion to spend $33 on a petit filet mignon, which is already beside the point of tasty and cheap steak (that you can eat without feeling bitter in the mouth). So this week it is Prime Spot, just a few hundred feet north of The Alley.

    Here’s my two cents guess: their thing is the prime rib, so they name it “Prime Spot”. Or maybe they’re just that confident about their stuff. We’ll see. We ask for one Grand Ave. Cut of Oven Roasted Prime Rib to share, and a side of steamed veggie to lessen the cheapskates’ guilt. Five minutes later, the 10 oz slab of pink velvet arrives luke warm and dripping wet. When I cut a piece, it feels like slicing cheesecake. The meat is unexpectedly tender. Garlic mashed potato bathed in steak juice, like ice cream, is expectedly yummy.

    What surprises me is the amount of food. Ten ounces does not sound like a lot when I think of times I’ve eaten a pound of steak by myself (and felt like my tummy would burst and my back would break, but that’s not the point). It turns out two people can get pleasantly full on just ten ounces. Must be the potato and broccoli. Not having too much on our plate works out well because the meat gets kinda dull as it gets cold, and just when we can’t take it anymore, we don’t have anymore to take.

    Previously on Berkeley Steak Search: Buckhorn Grill (Emeryville)

    Address: Prime Spot Bar & Grill
    3417 Grand Avenue
    Oakland, CA 94610
    (510) 268-1840

    I do feel guilty for eating so much meat, though. With friends, movies, and my own empathy for animals rubbing it in everyday, I find the American steak less and less enjoyable (that is to say, bulgogi is still too good to give up :-D). So upon leaving Prime Spot, I redeem my conscience with a hot slice of strawberry rhubarb pie and a scoop of mud slide ice cream at the vegan Herbivore. Few things can be better.

    Vegan strawberry rhubarb pie and mud slide ice cream at Herbivore (Oakland)

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    3 comments to Steak Search 3 – Prime Spot

    • oh your funny, thanks for your comment you made an excellent point, I need to get out my comfort zone lol Rebecca

    • ahhh..the classic American steakhouse with all those classic side dishes. They opened a spot ‘New York Steakhouse’ in HCMC but I can’t bring myself to buying an imported steak for 40 times the price of a bowl of Mi Quang!!

    • Mai

      Hahaha, I agree. Besides, you can always go for “bít tết”, right? 😛

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