Shanghai Dumpling King revisit

    sdk dumplings and green beans
    Shanghai Dumpling King is hands down the best value dimsum restaurant in the Bay Area – affordable price, great dumplings (especially the xiao long bao (Shanghai soup dumplings)), friendly staff (the man remembers me from over a year ago!). Click on the image below to see what we got this time around.

    Not pictured is the Hung Zhou crab and pork dumplings, but we’ve covered them last time. (They are basically xiao long bao with crab meat, and this time they were even juicier than the xiao long bao. Mmmmmmm)

    On a side note, I recently discovered Ponga, which is still in beta phase but has lots of potential to become a great tool to visually tell a story – every detail in the picture can be tagged, described, linked to more info, and further attached with an image or a video. This post is my first experiment to blog using Ponga. What do you think? Do you like it? Hate it? Find it cumbersome? Let me know your feedback in the comments!

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    3 comments to Shanghai Dumpling King revisit

    • The Ponga is a little confusing to navigate because of all the boxes that pop up everywhere, but I’m kinda technologically-challenged a little bit. T_T;

      I LOVE SDK OMG! I want to go back already! And the lion’s head meatball that we got wasn’t the casserole…I asked for the plain ones without casserole since I’m not a big fan of these in soup. =D

    • Hehe thank you for your input though. I’m sure my friend who developed Ponga would find it helpful. 🙂
      Oh, you’re right!!! There are two things on the menu with lion heads, in two different sections, so I missed one T_T Update right away!

    • Hey, Kristen, thanks for the feedback. We’re working to give you the right balance of exploration and discovery. As Mai put it, a Ponga picture is like a little dumpling that carries all of its content with it. Click through to the picture on Ponga and you can add your own comments: on each little dumpling, or create one of your own.

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