Berkel Berkel (Berkeley)
    — first visit
    — second visit
    Now changed to: 1a. Cho Korean BBQ (Berkeley). UPDATE (August 2011):  it has changed to a vegi house. UPDATE (March 2012): it was gone in a fire, and it is still an empty lot of debris at the moment.
    Crunch (Berkeley) – what to order: tteokbokki


    Casserole House (Oakland) – what to order: bulgogi jeongol
    Kang Nam Pho (Oakland) – what to order: pho (naturally)
    Kang Tong Degi (Oakland) – what to order: fried chicken and green onion
    Koreana Plaza (Oakland)
    Oriental BBQ Chicken Town (North Oakland) – what to order: gan jang chicken
    Sahn Maru Korean BBQ (Oakland) – what to order: chulpan bulgogihaemul pa jeon (seafood pancake)
    Sura (Oakland) – what to order: jogi gui (grilled fish), but actually, I only like this place for its banchan, which comes for free with any order


    Namu – what to order: NOTHING. This place is not worth visiting.
    To Hyang – what to order: so gori chim (braised oxtail)

    Other cities in CA

    Kunjib Restaurant (Santa Clara) – what to order: seolleong tang (beef bone soup)
    Secret Garden (Bi Won) (Santa Clara) – what to order: kalbi tang
    So Dong Gong Tofu House (Palo Alto) – what to order: bibimbap


    Il Mi Jeong (Il Mi Jung) – what to order: bossam
    Korea Garden – what to order: grilled meat
    Korean Garden Grille [CLOSED]
    Myung Dong – what to order: haemul pa jeon (seafood pancake)
    Seoul House
    Super H Mart food court, including: Toreore, Daddy & Daughter, Sobahn Express (Bibijo), and Jumma
    Tofu Village – what to order: “nutrition rice”

    Other cities in Texas

    Haiku (College Station) – Japanese & Korean – what to order: beef udon

    SEOUL, Korea

    Cafe Beati
    Cafe Berlin
    Conference eating in Seoul
    Dal Ssik Tak
    Hello Kitty Cafe
    Street foods in Seoul
    Four Hongdae restaurants
    Italian Food in Myeondong

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